Do you wish you could feel more prepared for the birth of your baby?

Giving birth doesn’t have to be something you worry about. It can be something you truly look forward to!                     You can be more confident and feel more prepared for the birth of your baby.

You’re feeling overwhelmed. You worry that you won’t know when to go to the hospital, or what answer to give about delayed cord clamping. You worry your partner will not know how to help or what to say. And you just aren’t sure where to turn for help.

You’ve probably already joined a due date month group, talked to your girlfriends who have babies and picked up some books about pregnancy and babies. But you still don’t feel prepared.

We understand exactly how you’re feeling! We know how hard it can be to find reliable information about the hospital, whether or not you can say no to an induction and if you are allowed to eat during labour.

We’ve done the research and found the best local resources in the Red Deer area, read many books (some good, some bad) and we have been there done that as parents-to-be ourselves! We are thrilled to offer our 12 hour prenatal classesWith our classes, you will be left feeling more confident and prepared for what your future holds, at least as far as having a new baby goes. All parents-to-be taking our class also will receive access to an online Evidence Based Birth(R) class – the first of it’s kind for parents! This course is valued at $149, but you get it free as an added bonus for taking Your Birth Prenatal Classes as Christine is an Evidence Based Birth(R) instructor!


Educating parents in Red Deer & Central Alberta since 2015 with over 150 families having attended classes!

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